The Zombie Presidents

Zombie Lincoln - Back From The Dead to Save Our Nation! AGAIN!

Abraham Lincoln may have died in 1865, but that's not going to stop him from being a great leader!
Once again Americans are dividend against each other- Red and Blue states this time instead of North and South... And who better to help heal a divided nation than President Lincoln!

Four score and seven years ago Zombie Lincoln was still rotting in his grave. But the nation has grown divided once again and millions of Americans cried out for new leaders.

Having been dead and buried over 140 years how is it that Zombie Lincoln is able to rise? Top quality Emballming. (true, see this Wikipedia article on Abraham Lincoln )

Endorsed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, president Lincoln's return has is being taken seriously. Shortly the Secret Service will be on alert for any potential sudden appearances of Zombie John Wilkes Booth.

In 2008 you can help heal a divided nation - support Zombie Lincoln for President .

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